Case Studies


On track to serve well over 100 million passengers in 2015 travelling on 1600 daily flights to 185 destinations, low-cost giant Ryanair has traditionally relied on the web, press ads and billboards to deliver its exclusively online bookings.

However, conscious of a need to improve its customer service and poor public image, Ryanair called in Bench.

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This national supermarket chain had a certain level of understanding of its core customers – supported by the insights offered by its established loyalty card scheme – but didn’t have an effective way of talking to them. And neither did it have the full picture of the ways in which customers were, in turn, communicating with the brand itself. This is when they called on Bench.

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Shopping mall

This major retail operator has 22 shopping centres throughout the UK and France, as well as multiple retail parks and premium outlets. However, there was little engagement between the consumer and the shopping centres themselves, which is when Bench were called in to help.

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European bank

This large, northern European bank needed to respond to post-2008 regulatory demands that required it to make available a single view of its global `counterparties’. Often involving brokers and other third parties, this is a highly complex web of financial relationships, which is why Bench went in to help.

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