Case study: Multi-Channel consumer loyalty scheme for 22 centre retail operator

“This Adobe Campaign-based solution means central marketing
can now devolve execution to each centre – dramatically speeding
up campaign timelines, enhancing the customer experience, and
adding value for tenants and shareholders alike.”


This major retail operator has 22 shopping centres throughout the UK and France, as well as multiple retail parks and premium outlets. Up until recently, its only marketing activity to drive footfall into stores was through a mix of broadcast and periodic newsletters. As a result, even if there were a relationship at some level between the consumer and the retailer, there was little direct engagement between the consumer and the shopping centres themselves.


The centre operator took the decision to focus on a key strategic initiative: to better engage with end customers to drive loyalty and preference both with the centres and their tenant retailers.


It was vital that the solution could deliver for the 22 centres in the group overall – yet allow individual centre marketing managers the autonomy they needed to execute effective, targeted campaigns whilst having control over overall brand guidelines.



The client therefore bought into a direct-to-consumer, multi-channel loyalty program that would offer the necessary local control, helping them to better understand how their customers behave and target offers relevant to them.


This was devised by a customer relationship management (CRM) agency that brought in the niche technical skill sets needed to deliver against the business requirements. Specifically, the solution demanded proven subject expertise in the Adobe Campaign platform to build a robust but flexible solution to support the new loyalty strategy from project commencement right through to go live.



Working in partnership, the technical team performed an enabling role supporting the marketing agency’s contact strategies and management of transactional level data by devising a single customer view (SCV) solution and aligning the rules within the data structures to auto-populate relevant messages and content via the content management system.


The solution effectively takes an iterative approach to ‘learning’ what marketing message has gone out – the offer response ultimately shaping and refining future targeting.


At a first level, the solution integrates with the client’s wider CRM communication program via email. Consumers can find out what’s going on at their local centre, downloading and redeeming trackable offer vouchers in the usual way. In addition, the solution offers the option of a mobile app download that delivers far greater levels of engagement and personalisation.


Once requirements were fully defined, the team then set about system set up managing the implementation and technical configuration of both development and production environments within the client’s hosted data centre.


Adobe Campaign configuration included the integration and mapping of core underlying data sources, plus configuration of the core campaign platform and solution design to support the 22 centres. It also required channel set up for email and mobile app including campaign and delivery templates, as well as dynamic email templates specific to each centre.


Distinct UK and French unsubscription process, deliverability set up, reporting and data exports to an external reporting solution were all key deliverables.


As a fully integrated solution, the approach also involved API integration with the client’s existing content management system, the development of asset rules and dependencies, as well as the design of dynamic email templates to allow centres to manage email production. Integration to an external mobile app provider for serving tailored offers to customers was also successfully delivered.


Following sign off on a comprehensive User Acceptance Testing phase, the technical team developed a tailored training program to ensure maximum relevance for staff and rapid adoption across the business.



With Phase 1 completed in July 2015, the loyalty program is now being rolled out across the entire retail estate and has enabled central marketing to devolve marketing execution to each centre. Dramatically streamlining campaign timelines, as well as delivering a far richer customer experience. Further projects are on-going.

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