IBM Practice (Marketing Automation)

Marketing automation & Decision Management (An IBM Practice)

Customer’s behaviour and interactions with a brand are becoming increasingly complex; as such marketers are frequently looking to marketing automation technologies to help send relevant, timely communications to customers via the appropriate channel.


Bench has a team of over 25 IBM ExperienceOne (Unica) experts that have extensive experience in delivering successful multichannel solutions to leading brands in the Retail, Travel, Financial and Game verticals across the EMEA.


Our flexible and collaborative approach ensures that complex project tasks are delivered in the appropriate way whilst also ensuring maximum knowledge transfer into your organisation.

Our key services include:

Consulting Services: Our experts offer high end consultancy services focused on helping our clients drive ROI whilst reducing time-to-value and project risk.


  • Campaign & Lifecycle Management: Supporting you with the expertise to generate on going automated dialogue with your customers
  • Best Practice Design: Utilising our IBM experience we help you get the most out of your implementation
  • Post Campaign Analysis: Our experts work directly with a your team to understand impact of campaigns and maximize ROI

Education Services: Our deliver IBM course across Europe, this expertise enables us to offer custom delivery and bespoke content based on your needs.


  • Standard & Role Based Training: Our consultants deliver IBM recognised courses together with custom role based course to maximize IBM adoption
  • Desk-Side Coaching: We provider expert developers to provide hands on coaching to support your initial campaign roll outs
  • Post Campaign Analysis: Nurture your understanding and adoption in IBM development methods, terminology and ways of working

Implementation Services: Working to a client’s preferred approach to clearly define tasks, milestones and deliverables to enable effective Programme management.


  • Project Planning: Our experts clearly define your project scope and work-streams to reduce project risk and budget creep
  • Solution Design: Our experience reduces time, risk and costs  
  • Install Configure & Upgrade: We ensure your solution is robust, flexible and fits within the wider business data and tech environment

Support: Working to minimalize the impact of any issues our consultants provide 1st line support to identify, diagnose and fix any solutions issues.


  • Technical Support & Troubleshoot: We understand the how the IBM components work and can quickly identify and resolve IBM EMM issues
  • Performance Monitoring: Our experts monitor application performance across your IBM solution to create clear health assessments
  • Systems Auditing: We ensure your solution is robust, flexible and fits within the wider business data and tech environment

If you would like to know more about our IBM Practice and where we can add value to your organisation please feel free to request our case studies.