Software Licensing

Do you find the world of software licensing a drain on time and resource?

Bench can help ease this issue and get you back to what really counts in your business. Software licensing can be complex and expensive, yet is a necessary element to any enterprise solution. Failing to understand the construct of your license agreement can leave your organisation commercially and legally exposed.


As established Premier Business partners to the leading global software vendors including IBM, Adobe, SAS, SugarCRM and Apteco. Bench has significant experience at negotiating and simplifying the software environment on behalf our clients to ensure they benefit from the correct licensing construct.

Our highly experienced Software Licensing team works closely with the licensing teams within distributors and software vendors to provide our clients with a broad range of services covering:


  • Software license validation: Ensure you have right software module mix
  • Software license transaction: Aid in purchasing software licenses
  • License Renewal: Manage your license renewals on time
  • Hardware procurement: Provide our clients with market leading rates

We understand that client requirements are diverse and can range from simple single licenses to broader more complex multi-license requirements.

Regardless of your license requirement the benefits of what Bench can offer are:


  • Simple: Our team will manage the entire licensing process for you
  • Efficient: Our experience reduces time, risk and costs  
  • Cost: We offer market leading rates regardless of license size
  • ROI: We ensure that you are maximizing your license                

If you would like to know more about Software Licensing and where we can add value to your organisation please request a call back.



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