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Welcome to Bench. Part of Kin + Carta, and launched in 2015, we created Bench in response to seeing so many companies confused and concerned by a number of issues:

  • The sheer pace of change and risk of market disruption
  • The rapid advancement in technology
  • The growth of data
  • Constantly evolving customer views and expectations
  • The fact that although everyone talked “Art of the Possible” no one could explain how to get there or what that would mean
  • The lack of and unavailability of relevant expertise and experience
  • The move towards a “Jack of All Trades” approach making it difficult to ascertain if the right people were in the room to help
  • That no-one seemed to care about enabling businesses to develop and help themselves in the long-term.

If you have found yourself nodding along to this list, then you’re in the right place.

As a team, we strongly believe in the practical application of business strategy and technology to enable transformation and create value. This means not just helping shape why you should be changing, but what it will mean for you and your organisation – from complete digital transformation to simply implementing a new piece of technology.

We deliver this by holding to the principle that everything we do must help you make money, save money, enhance the brand and ultimately enable you to take control.

Our experience spans retail, automotive, financial services, charity, transport and travel, pharmaceuticals, FMCG and many more. Our advice and support will always come from a position of cross-sector expertise.

It may not always be an easy ride, we will challenge you and you will challenge us – but together, we will deliver value.

We help our clients think through, act on, and apply change in an ever-changing world.
Adele Ross, Head of Associate Development

From our earliest contact with Bench, we could see they knew digital marketing inside out. The level and quality of their response, and willingness to explore areas of the implementation ignored by some other suppliers, convinced us they had the insight and adaptability to work with us.

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Proven IBM technology – already familiar to the client through its card-based loyalty scheme – has made time-consuming, manual campaign interventions a thing of the past.
Major grocery retailer

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As part of wider business transformation plans, this client wanted to reshape its customer experience. By creating a single customer view, delivering personalised, real-time communications and better analysing customer data, the programme produced a growth in sales.
Automotive services client

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Our approach

Dealing with disruption from competitors, customers, technology, industry and regulation, understanding how to successfully harness digital technology, transforming operational models in order to compete in today’s market.

These are just some of the challenges we can help you to overcome with our Think, Act, Apply approach:


Need to respond to disruption in the market but don’t know where to start?

Want to better capitalise on digital technology but unsure how?

Unable to match where you are as a business with where you want to be?

We help you to solve these problems, by encouraging you to think differently and develop business strategies that drive value.


You’ve thought about where you want your business to go, you’ve got a plan in place to get there. What now?

We provide a network of granular subject matter experts to make sure the right people, processes and technology are implemented correctly the first time around. Helping you to quickly bring your business strategy to life.


You’ve successfully implemented the right people, processes and technology. How can you make sure you are getting value from them?

We help you practically apply technology, services and processes with a focus on delivering value at all times. We’re with you for the long haul and, unusually for the industry, we actively look for opportunities for you to be self-sustainable, by continuously transferring knowledge wherever we can.

Work for Us

Hello, and thank you for visiting us and for considering Bench as somewhere you want to invest a significant chunk of your life!

We really do get this as a team. So, why should you invest in us? Let’s look at it the other way around – we want to invest in you because:

Whatever the role, your experience or background you will:

  • want to be challenged to move forward and develop
  • want to enjoy what you do
  • be confident in what you bring to the table
  • be restless in the norm and inspired by the challenging seas
  • be excited and motivated by the diverse skills and experiences of your colleagues and clients
  • want to make a difference to your clients and the business as a whole
  • want and expect to be rewarded for hard work
  • believe that a company is a collection of individuals that should be inquisitive in the pursuit of growth and pull together to move forward
  • know that work is not the whole of your life and that what happens outside of work should help you perform well
  • understand that everyone has limits and that these should not be criticised

If this sounds like you, then we look forward to meeting and investing our time in you. Click ‘Talk to Us’ below to start the conversation.

For contract opportunities, please visit our Bench Talent microsite for more information.

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