Amplify showed that Watson is out of the lab

I’m back from IBM Amplify 2017 with renewed enthusiasm for Watson Customer Engagement. I left Las Vegas with a sense of purpose; feeling IBM has real direction with A.I and cognitive computing in Watson. Its nailed its transition from on-premise to SaaS and its proposition is strong and clear. Watson is out of the lab and into the marketplace, ready to be discovered…

A.I and Cognitive is left, right and centre     

There are many compelling reasons to use Watson but what clearly came out of out Amplify last week was that A.I and cognitive is left, right and centre for IBM.

I saw some really dynamic presentations from Harriet Green, Richard Hearn and Will Smith, who all spoke fervently about redefining customer engagement in the cognitive era and the opportunities that Watson will bring to connect with customers as individuals.

Ginni Rometty’s address also convincingly set out how bringing cognitive capabilities together with the cloud will enable new innovation to solve problems and create new marketing solutions.

The new wave of people at IBM has led to a change in culture, with those at the heart of the organisation driving a real understanding of A.I and cognitive.

Watson heralds a new era     

With IBM Watson Customer Engagement, cognitive is now accessible through its simplified product range and easy to understand language.

There’s a new clarity with Watson. Its highly structured and well-defined platform, its user-centric design, smooth integration and cognitive expertise is just waiting to be discovered.

The challenge now is for businesses to understand how A.I and cognitive can be practically applied.

Grant Williams 


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