Customer Centricity: what does it mean in the real World and how can you achieve it?

In the era of the consumer, it’s essential for brands to add value. Brands need to focus on their proposition, know their niche, talk to the right audience and get the most from their marketing. Customer Centricity is about much more than offering good service, it is about recognising how your customers behave, what they want and need and ensuring that every part of your organisation is focused on delivering services that benefit the customer.

Customers today are more discerning around the brands they engage with and give their money to. As a result, the companies that are coming out on top are those who demonstrably respect their customers and reward their support with great service. This should be the benchmark for long-term relationships rather than a calculated part of the acquisition process.

The major shift for businesses is that rather than focusing on your products and who you’re going to sell them to (and how), your focus has to be on what your customers are doing, how they’re behaving and what they actually need and want. By re-designing your business from a customer’s perspective, not only will you be focused on their needs but you will defend against disruption and develop services and products that are relevant to customers now and as they grow.

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