In our last report excerpt we talked you through the reasons for placing the customer at the very heart of any marketing strategy. We explained the reasons why the customer should come first when it comes to buying data marketing technologies and what initial steps need to be taken to ensure organisations choose the very best technology for them. In this latest instalment, we discuss why businesses should complete an audit of existing technology before committing to buy any new data technology sets and how they can roll one out efficiently and effectively. Read on to find out more…

Before purchasing any new technology, organisations first need to fully understand the systems they already have. Due to the particularly high turn-over in senior marketing roles, coupled with increasing marketing technology spend, most businesses are likely to have multiple systems in place, which are often not being utilised properly.

Yet, by closely examining current marketing and data architecture, and the way systems, tools and data presently connect (or fail to connect as the case may be), organisations can gather a much clearer idea of where there is a genuine need for new technology. An audit, for instance, may avoid the need to make unnecessary purchases, particularly when technology already exists within organisations, but that is perhaps being under-utilised. This often happens when there is a lack of staff knowledge for using and maximising particular systems, which could be easily resolved with additional training; often a much cheaper alternative to a brand new system!

Configuring or integrating existing technology in a smarter way however can only be achieved successfully if organisations have access to a team of people with the right skills and expertise who can help establish how and where the technology might be better capitalised on. This is where organisations like Bench can help. We work with companies to set-up, manage and run data technology solutions which deliver results and really drive commercial revenue. If you’re unsure of where to start, pick up the phone to us today and see how we can help.

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