This the fourth post in our series of articles about achieving data technology success. In our last few LinkedIn posts we have talked you through the reasons for placing the customer at the very heart of any marketing strategy, how you can go about developing a robust data strategy and why all organisations should complete a technology audit before investing in a new system. The strategy and audit are very important first steps in the journey to data technology success and today we help guide you through the process a little further, offering practical advice about how to choose the right technology for your needs…

When implemented and integrated correctly, marketing and data technologies have the potential to drive digital transformation, enable business intelligence, allow organisations to become truly data led and ultimately transform customer experience for the better.

However, marketing and data technology implementation all too often does not deliver the benefits it should. Recent research from Oracle found that only 8% of those questioned felt that marketing technology had been implemented well. 40% did not think technology had been implemented even partially well and 40% were unconvinced by marketing technology’s benefits.

Once you have mapped out your ideal customer experience, examined your existing technology and subsequently identified a specific need for new technology, then comes the challenge of selecting the most appropriate technology for your needs. Yet, in an age when there are more marketing and data technologies to choose from than ever before, having the skills to know which will not only deliver results for your specific needs, but also fit into your existing eco-systems, is vital.

As it stands, the niche expertise and experience required to wade through all the available technology options, identify the best fit and see how it can be successfully integrated into existing systems, are not commonly found within marketing or IT departments. As such, seeking independent, expert advice can save considerable time and money.

Organisations like Bench provide granular and specialist expertise in the implementation, installation and adoption of marketing and information management technology, including Adobe, IBM and SAS amongst others. Our dynamic and flexible team of experts are one of only a few in the world to have this level of specialist knowledge, in each of their respected fields and this means we can offer tailored support and a ‘one stop shop’ for all requirements. In short, Bench can save you money and offer more commercial value too. Call us today to discuss your requirements in more detail.


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