In our last excerpt we explained why businesses are currently facing a new marketing era, one which places more emphasis on the customer, and as a result, relies more on data than ever before. With a focus on a customer-centric model, it’s not surprising therefore that data marketing technology has become the life-blood of modern marketing. But where does one start to ensure it selects the right system that meets the needs of the business, and the customer? Read on to find out…

When a business sets about selecting a new technology it’s important that they start with the customer experience, not with technology.

All too often the tendency is to try and solve a need in the quickest way possible by throwing some technology at it. However to really get value, organisations need to step back and start with the customer. This includes understanding:

  • How your customers are interacting with your brand
  • How they are likely to in the future; and
  • What market disruptions might change the way customers interact with the brand?

Once you have a clear understanding and answers to these very specific questions, you can then start mapping out what the existing customer experience looks like and how you want it to look in the future. As part of this, make sure you include an examination of the barriers that are currently in the way of delivering this desired experience.

Once you have gathered together all of this information, you can then use it to develop a customer-focused strategy that sets to outline the factors of greatest impact to the customer and the business as a whole.

After this strategy is put in place, then this is the point when organisations can focus on the role that technology specifically plays in delivering this customer-focused strategy, and what it is exactly that the technology needs to deliver. For example:

  • What technology and processes are required to deliver a unique customer experience? And
  • Which configuration of technology processes gives the data needed?


Once you have this information, you will have a much clearer idea of the technology you need and what you need it to deliver. Then your search can begin.

For those businesses that fail to invest the time in completing this preparatory work, they are almost certain to select technology that will be insufficient in meeting the needs of the organisation. Diving-in head first without first completing their homework will only lead to inefficiencies down the line and ultimately a waste of investment. For those however that complete the necessary due diligence, gathering all of the information to complete a robust strategy, success is just beyond the horizon.

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