I have worked in marketing technology for 10 years and have been lucky enough during that time to work with some of the best marketing agencies, management consultancies and systems integrators in the world. All of these businesses have embraced technology over that time to the point that they now try to keep it as a key part of their core offering because clients want it and they see the value in it. However, it is just a tool and like all tools, needs to be used correctly for the right purpose and maintaining skills in the variety of technologies in the market place, is expensive and difficult.

Marketing Agencies want to deliver outcomes for their clients and make a difference for the businesses they serve; they want to be seen to be on the cutting edge of technology and the value it can create and deliver and they want the technology to support in achieving that outcome. However, with Management Consultancies wanting to become Marketing Agencies, Service Providers wanting to become Systems Integrators and Marketing Agencies wanting to be a bit of everything, everyone wants a piece of everyone’s pie… so what falls between the cracks and how do all these businesses stay broad but keep deep skills in marketing technology? The simple answer is you don’t. The frequency of a particular requirement prohibits this. The complexity of these technologies prohibits this. So these service and consultancy businesses look to the following maintaining contractors, maintaining recruitment consultancies, looking for offshore skill sets and re-skilling on a periodic basis… again this is expensive and can be of high risk for a number reasons.

What’s the solution? All of the above businesses want to be able to crowd source teams of excellence that form and disperse after the requirement has dissipated. However, the research that goes in to bringing this together is extensive and how can you trust the organisations and individuals involved. Everyone wants one entity that can provide this for them. This is why we created myBench.

An entity that is the sum of the parts of a number of expert and expert practices with connections to a wider book of trusted specialists is hugely attractive to businesses that want to focus on the strategy and the outcome, and not the detail of the implementation or configuration to support this. However, they don’t want the lack of expertise to prohibit them from the conversation with the client.

In addition to this, buying software can be complicated at the best of times. Having a single entity to do this so you do not have to suffer the accreditations and certifications required to provide the engine for your clients, is an attractive thing.

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