The Final Countdown

With less than a year to go until GDPR comes into effect, it is dominating the news agenda and is a top priority for businesses. From retailers to charities and the manufacturing industry to financial services, the impact of GDPR will affect every organisation that handles customer data and will be far reaching. Indeed, it has the scope to change the face of marketing completely. Yet behind the hype, there is much confusion from businesses of all sizes from across industry, which know that they have much to do to comply with GDPR, yet do not know where to begin.

While for many, compliance with GDPR may seem like a gargantuan task, those that embrace it as an opportunity to lead the way in the new consumer democracy and demonstrate a new level of transparency and trust, will be the ones who ultimately win. Although undoubtedly a complex task, GDPR offers as many opportunities as it does challenges.

Over the next few weeks we will be sharing extracts from our latest report, which aims to provide clear and positive solutions for companies looking at where to start and how to comply with the most significant overhaul of EU data protection law in recent years. It will draw on insights and advice from experts across the marketing and technology industry, setting out what companies need to do to ensure they have best practice data management in place and are compliant ready.

Beyond that, it will explore the opportunities that GDPR offers for organisations. If customer experience is the battleground of the future, then data is key to winning the war and GDPR is the perfect opportunity for businesses to rethink their approach to data and the enhanced customer relationships and experiences it allows.


Our current ‘Ask the Experts’ GDPR report has been produced in partnership with one of our Group Companies Response One and one of our Partner organisations MyLife Digital.

Talk to us if you want to learn more. 

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