On 22 November, myBench hosted a festive Knowledge Bench event at Bar Soho, London, where Data and Marketing Technology experts gathered to hear the latest 2017 market predictions. The informal advice forum was led by Dan Telling, Managing Partner at myBench, and sponsor IBM’s Derick Wiesner, IBM Commerce and Digital Marketing Agencies Segment Leader, Europe. The panel addressed the six big issues that will be shaping the marketplace in 2017 and discussed the challenges and opportunities that will arise.

Six predictions for 2017:

  • Rise of the machines – everyone will be buying cognitive computing! Be ready for the effects on marketing acquisition and CRM and watch early adopters start deployment.
  • Thinking Teapots – web enabled products will start to think as part of a wider IoT ecosystem with retailers rushing to enhance their website functionality and marketers starting to sell to devices.
  • Fluffy Little Clouds – organisations will continue to wonder if the Cloud will bring stormy weather or a smarter way to get value out of software.
  • Plausible Deniability – data security, information security and management will be top of the agenda with more breaches and greater concerns around legislation as there is a move towards General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
  • Get Real – we will finally start to see many more implementations of real time software, organisations may have bought it up to three years ago because it was the next big thing but many were not ready to use it. They finally are now!
  • What does one do with a Unicorn? – confusion and excitement will continue to reign around Data Management Platforms (DMPs), what they are and the promise they can bring.

Key take-away tips from the experts included:

  • Don’t over look the importance of understanding people and different cultures, people are the basis of everything marketers do.
  • Don’t get dazzled by the next big thing. There needs to be a point to technology, over and above it just being the next big thing.
  • Make sure you are asking the right questions when selecting and implementing new technology. ‘Where is the value?’ should be top of this list
  • Buy-in from the C-suite is absolutely key. Have a solid plan in place for how to achieve this (tip: answering the above question re: value will help!)
  • Hold onto your hat regarding new skill sets as marketing becomes an increasingly technical function.

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