Why do we need to think about creating a Single View of the Customer?


Me me me.over to you….what do you think about me? Because I need my engagement with you to be about me and what’s important to me in my life right now, not about you, what you want or what you need. Customers want it all! 

Personalisation is already proven to be the distinction between high performing businesses and businesses that can’t get out of the doldrums of monotonous business led communication but what impact does the single view have on supporting personalisation.

Years ago I wrote about digital enabling the blend of sales, service, and marketing to provide single customer experience. And customers and members don’t see organisations in silos they see them as single entities. Every time a customer interacts with your business they leave pieces of evidence of what is important to them – it’s a story of your relationship with them and just like the great detective stories it’s about piecing this evidence together to understand the real plot.  

In addition, your customer is now part of an audience that has digested the “AI, super crunching computers, mobile apps and services” that the media has hooked them on and they expect the very best experience as a result. I expect you to know me, service me as an individual, make the experience easy for me as an individual…me, me, me, me and me to quote Agent Smith.……although I suspect they expect you as a company to be more Agent Smith. 

Therefore like that person that forgets your name after meeting them a few times, a brand that can’t identify your commitment or your “me”  will leave a customer feeling like they are just a commodity (if that is the “agreement” then fine – such agreements do exist in exchange for a price point.) 

However if a price point agreement is not implicit or explicit then there is an expectation that if I am a regular engager or making a longer commitment you should know who I am and how best to engage with me…and most importantly show that you value that connection. 

Yet it’s not immediately about multi-channel, cross channel, or even immersive customer experience – in my absolutely honest opinion it’s about recognition first, showing understanding second and thirdly acting according to them at all interaction points. This is what we all want, organisations to get the basics right and identify those that make a commitment to you and thank them for it. 

Written by Dan Telling


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