Hideki Hashimura
Associate Partner: CRM Practice

Hideki – Associate Partner: CRM Practice

Hideki leads our CRM Practice, specialising in delivering digital transformation driven by customer strategy (CX, CRM, Customer Intelligence and Customer Centric Strategic Development).

An entrepreneur at heart, over the last 10 years he has delivered successful CRM projects and consulting to build customer-centric strategies and the technology framework to support them. Hideki has also led enterprise CRM software and digital architecture implementation projects, drawing on his skills and expertise in conceptualising, creating, mapping and carrying out solutions to an organisation’s problems whilst maintaining a strategic focus.

Hideki loves all of Julius Vern’s books, since as a kid he would read them all wondering how amazing it was for someone to write fiction that long ago, so similar to the world today. On another note, Hideki would never eat marmite, and keeps wandering what’s wrong with that people!

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