Practical steps to AI success


Our latest ‘Ask the Experts’ report looks at how AI can be harnessed to revolutionise the supply chain. In line with the launch of the report, we’ve produced a series of blogs to explore the key themes included in the report. In our final blog we outline the practical steps to AI success.

AI has the potential to revolutionise every element of industry and indeed of peoples’ lives in general – that is undisputable. However, while technologies such as IBM’s WSCI can transform supply chains into transparent, intelligent and predictive resources for businesses, they need to be approached correctly.

We are still in the infancy of AI – it can be compared to how the Internet was viewed in the mid 1990s. Everyone knew it had huge potential, but not everyone was sure how to harness it. Instead of blindly diving into a sea of AI when it comes to supply chains, businesses should consider key steps to success:

  • Understand what you want to achieve
  • Cultivate a culture of innovation
  • Start small, plan big
  • Show me the value

Intelligent, transparent and agile supply chains

AI’s potential in the supply chain can only be reached if supply chain and technology leaders alike take a measured, strategic and practical approach to harnessing AI. One that has clear objectives set, achievable problems to solve, metrics for success built in and ongoing optimisation planned.

Above all, organisations need to be brave and take the leap.

To find out more about how to harness AI to lower costs, drive sales and improve efficiency in your supply chain, download the full report here.

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