Thinking about things differently


Do you need to respond to disruption in your market but don’t know where to start?

Are you keen to capitalise on digital technologies but unsure what benefits they can deliver or how they would integrate with your existing tools and platforms?

Are you struggling to gauge where you currently are as a business with where you want to be?

By thinking differently about your concerns and challenges, it is possible to gain perspective and realism around the often interminable topic of change and to ultimately develop business strategies that deliver tangible outcomes and drive value.

At Bench, we hold to the principle that everything we do must enable you to either drive and grow revenue, reduce costs,  or empower you to take control of your technology investments and more often than not, deliver all three of these outcomes. One of the key ways we do this is by helping our clients to think differently.

Generally, we find there are four key areas where a change in thinking can help to drive business change.

  1. Understanding the ‘Gap’ and Aligning Strategic intent to Operational Capability

Refined, detailed gap analyses help organisations to understand current marketing and technology maturity levels and highlight where they need to strengthen and change in order to drive value. They also provide specific recommendations as to what needs to happen from a data, technology, people and process perspective in order to enable and deliver this change.

  1. Understanding and Articulating Value and Opportunity

Assessing business value and market opportunity helps organisations to establish and convey the value of particular investments and to identify the opportunities these could exploit and optimise in their marketplace, helping to support business and investment cases. This includes evaluating the continued relevance of current metrics and identifying and defining new, perhaps more relevant KPIs for their changing businesses and marketplaces.

  1. Course Correction

Root cause analyses help organisations to identify why technology programmes or projects may have veered off course or struggled to deliver demonstrable value and highlight ways to bring them back on-track and delivering business outcomes as quickly as possible.

  1. Transformation and Managing Disruption

Identifying how to capitalise on disruption, including how to map out future-focused SWOT and PEST analyses, Competitive Maps and Market Landscapes in order to articulate and prioritise key areas of proposition and service development is key in responding to disruption from customers, competitors and the marketplace.


Whether you are grappling with personalised content management for GDPR, want to know how to leverage AI to drive efficiency, review your digital estate or drive best-practice campaign management, learning to think differently  in approaching challenges will really help your strategic planning AND your operational delivery.

We work with a wide range of clients here at Bench and whilst there are commonalities in terms of the organizational challenges that technology and broader digital transformation pose, each client is at a different stage of understanding, application and operational capability.

We are often initially engaged to discuss specific technology application or enablement and where the circumstances allow, this is where our unique Act and Apply practices deliver hugely valuable acceleration against particular operational objectives.

In many cases however, by encouraging our clients to view these specific challenges in a wider perspective and to engage in what on the surface might appear to be a more complex Think exercise, we begin a longer-lasting and ultimately deeper strategic client relationship that delivers against a much broader agenda of organisational change which empowers those clients to address and meet challenges on a basis which otherwise might have become disconnected or worse, crisis-led.

Thinking about ‘thinking’ differently, on an operationally relevant but transformative canvas is at the core of the Bench consulting proposition.


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