Time for a spring clean

The daffodils are out and the crocuses are blooming. Spring is finally here. Lighter days and the warmer weather means one thing for me – it’s time for a spot of spring-cleaning. There’s nothing more satisfying then having a really good clear out of the house and a good cut back in the garden. I love it – it makes me feel on top of life. The same goes for data.

Clean up your data

Where data is concerned a spring clean is actually pretty essential and not just an exercise in feeling good. Making sure you have a data spring clean before purchasing the next new bit of technology or the latest AI or cognitive computing kit is really crucial. Time and again, this is where organisations fall down with the use of technology in marketing campaigns.

Weed away

None of the benefits of voice recognition technology or the latest developments in robotics can be realised until you first, fully understand the data and systems you have in place. In the same way that I wouldn’t dream of planting this year’s seeds in the garden without first having weeded my boarders, the data that underpins marketing campaigns needs to be clearly understood before new technology is implemented to enhance personalised and responsive campaigns.

A clear out for future innovation

Once you’ve undertaken an in-depth audit and know how your current marketing and data architecture, tools and data presently connect (or fail to connect as the case may be) you’ll gather a clear picture of where there is a genuine need for new technology.

It may be that instead of putting new technology in place, you will get more value from using your current technology better – for example by configuring it or integrating it in a smarter way.

All too often, I see organisations either rushing to buy marketing and data technology, or investing in new technology, which then does not deliver on its promise or expectation.

The technology to do this is available, it is just not being selected and implemented in the right way. When implemented and integrated correctly, marketing and data technology have the potential to drive digital transformation, enable business intelligence, allow organisations to become truly data led and ultimately transform customer experience for the better.

Before any of this can happen though you must have your data in order and there is no better time than now to have a really good spring clean.


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