Uncertain times – disruption in action

The last couple of years have been marked by uncertainty. From Brexit to global politics, new technologies to regulation and governance, there has been a general feeling of caution from businesses surrounded by disruption from all sides.

It has been a period of time when organisations asked themselves some big questions: ‘how exactly will Brexit impact my business?’ ‘What effect will new technology such as A.I have on my organisation?’ ‘What will connected cars and homes mean for us as a business?’ ‘How is my business model being disrupted?’

Without either obvious answers to these, or clear ideas on how best to respond, many businesses have instead concentrated on keeping their heads’ down and focusing on doing the basics well.

Yet with all change comes opportunity and there is a huge chance for businesses to embrace this opportunity. While there will still always be uncertainty in the market and elements beyond control – for example Brexit negotiations – these are exciting times to be in business.

In particular, the continued rapid advancement of technology is hugely interesting, especially in terms of automation and decisioning. There is also technology coming down the line that will really start to enable the connected homes that have been talked about for the last few years.

Of course, all this new technology will continue to drive the disruption of traditional business models – and it is not just nimble and agile start-ups doing the disrupting – as anyone following Apple or Microsoft will be well aware of. Wherever you look, from retail, to banking, to automotive, disruption is taking place at a rapid pace.

The real challenge for businesses is in how to respond quickly, but appropriately to the disruption occurring around them so that they are able to harness the opportunities that change brings.


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