We’re all about practical application

Helping organisations with the practical application of strategy and technology to help them transform and drive value has been our core mission since day one.

  • Invested in a piece of technology but it is not delivering value?
  • Not sure if you are using the technology you have to its full capabilities?
  • Attracted by the ‘sweet shop’ of new tech but not sure what (if any) of it you really need?
  • Struggling to find the skills to harness your technology systems?
  • Unsure of how to manage expectations when it comes to new technology?
  • Need to augment your team’s skillset but don’t know the best approach to take?

These are exactly the questions our Apply team can (and regularly does) answer for businesses.

We understand that making change happen in your business can be immensely difficult; particularly where new technology, disciplines, skills and markets are involved. Utilising our expertise in internal communication, stakeholder management, agile solution development and operational process design, we work as part of your team and support you in making sure the right operational model is in place at the right time.

We will also ensure a smooth transition from your current to future state and advise on the best mix of resource – both internal and external – to support the change based on location, business and available skills.

This ensures you have the understanding and skillset to use your technology to maximum benefit. We also help to accelerate the delivery of CRM and marketing strategies to maximise revenue opportunities. This can include roadmap planning and ensuring best practice use of technologies is being undertaken. We make sure at all times that once technology is acquired it is not duplicated within an organisation.

It’s all about equipping you to be have the skills to harness and access value from your technology investment. We don’t come in and do it for you and then leave, we help you to do it yourself, which is immeasurably more valuable and sustainable for the future.

Furthermore, we continuously support all stakeholders during technology implementation, helping them to inform and support the wider business around the adoption process, as well as communicate and promote the value the new technology is delivering.


Want to find out more how the Bench Apply team can provide value to your organisation, please talk to us to book an induction meeting, or if you want to learn more about what we do.

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