Specialist Services

From gap analysis to business transformation and programme management to technology implementation and integration, our specialist services deliver value to clients in the automotive, financial services, retail and transport sectors, amongst others.

  • Think

    Understanding the Gap and Aligning Strategy to Capability (gap analysis)

    Our refined gap analysis helps you to understand your current marketing and technology maturity levels and highlights where you need to change in order to drive value. It also provides recommendations as to what needs to happen from a people, process, technology and data perspective to enable this change.

    Understanding and Articulating Value and Opportunity (business value analysis)

    Our proven business value analysis and market opportunity assessment helps you to establish and convey the value of a particular investment and identify the opportunities it will open up in your marketplace, to support your investment case. This includes creating and defining specific KPIs.

    Course Correction (root cause analysis)

    Our ‘inflight’ programme and project root cause analysis helps you identify why programmes or projects have veered off course and highlight ways to bring them back on track as quickly as possible.

    Transformation and Managing Disruption (business transformation)

    We can help you to articulate the need for change and identify how to capitalise on disruption in your industry, including how to map out your own SWOT analysis and prioritise key areas.

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    Programme and Project Management

    Many businesses lack the capability to lead the change within their organisation, and are left with failing programmes that they have not yet been able to deliver on. Our experienced and expert programme directors and project managers, who adhere to our core consultancy values, can help bring your programme or project back to its core objectives for success.

    Product, Proposition and Technology Development

    If our ‘Thinking’ time with you highlights that you need to look into developing a new product, proposition or technology; our product and industry specialists can help you – using their extensive experience in business analysis, research and development, customer acquisition and retention strategies across many sectors.

    Solution Architecture

    Although solution architecture is often forgotten in legacy businesses, it is a vital element of overall organisational success. Our experts can help you create the overarching picture of ‘what is’ vs ‘what will be’ to bring consensus to a data and technology road map.

    Technology Implementation and Integration

    All technology we implement will be as a result of a strategy to save money, make money, drive efficiency and take control. We provide a network of granular subject matter experts to make sure technology gets implemented and integrated correctly the first time around and fits seamlessly into the surround architecture. We do this by deploying specialists within your business and wrapping around them experienced project and programme management that is focused on delivering value.

    Our network is very broad, so we have tried to make it simple:

    Information Gathering
    Data Landscape Mapping:
    • Data Capture Strategies and Compliance (inc GDPR)
    • Data Source Definition
    • Data Stewardship

    Master Data Management & Information Architecture:
    • Single View of the Customer
    • Mastering the Golden Record
    • Consent Management
    • Business Intelligence & Reporting
    • Data Analysis – Segmentation, Profiling and Modelling
    • Customer & User Experience Mapping & Understanding (online and offline)
    • Campaign and CRM and Marketing Automation
    • Marketing Operations
    • Decisioning (Real Time Decisioning and Cognitive Intelligence)
    • Content Management
    • Digital Execution
    • Epos
    • Mobile and Web Commerce

    Whether you are looking at Digital Transformation, Marketing Capability Transformation, Sales Force Automation, CRM improvement, Supply Chain Management, Artificial Intelligence or any of our specialisms; we make sure our focus is on providing value at the earliest possible stage.

  • Apply

    Change Management

    Making change happen in your business can be immensely difficult; particularly where new technology, disciplines, skills and markets are involved. Utilising our expertise in internal communication, stakeholder management, agile solution development and operational process design, we work as part of your team and support you in making sure the right operational model is in place at the right time. We will also ensure a smooth transition from one state to another and advise on the best mix of resource to support the change based on location, business and available resource.

    Technology Application Support

    Correctly accessing and capitalising on any new technology is vital to driving business value. We focus on making sure that you are getting the best out of what you have. We offer training and development in the form of desk-side coaching, classroom training or product awareness sessions. This ensures you have the understanding and skillset to use your technology to maximum benefit. We also help to accelerate the delivery of CRM and marketing strategies to maximise revenue opportunities. This can include roadmap planning or the best practice use of technologies. We make sure at all times that once technology is acquired it is not duplicated within an organisation.

    Application, Change and Measurement Services

    We augment your internal team to give you either bandwidth, guidance or capability. This can be ongoing and retained for short periods of time or for specific projects. Our services include;
    • CRM Support including planning, creative services and campaign execution
    • Campaign management and introduction of automation and Artificial Intelligence (AI)
    • Marketing strategy and planning
    • Test and learn tactics
    • Performance management and reporting